The Quarter Midget Track

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The Quarter Midget Race Track is operated by the Washington Quarter Midget Association (WQMA) and is located by the West Parking Lot at the Evergreen State Fair Park. 

The WQMA is over 60 years old and has been known by various names such as Renton QMA and Northgate QMA. For many years WQMA did not have a permanent track and races were set up in parking lots. The name evolved into the Washington QMA because encompassed many groups in Western Washington. In 2007, they moved to the Evergreen State Fair Park.

The Goals and Objectives of the WQMA 

  • To create and maintain a clean, safe, and healthy sport to be enjoyed by the entire family.
  • To acquaint the younger generation with the handling of mechanical devices, coordination, alertness, and ability to handle motor-driven vehicles.
  • To impress upon the younger generation the idea of fairness, generosity, good sportsmanship and a sense of responsibility, without envy of others.

Races, Racetrack and Cars

  • Races are held on an oval track, 1/20 of a mile in length.
  • Speeds of 20 to 40 miles per hour are possible based on motor type.
  • All races are staffed and run by family volunteers.
  • All cars are required to undergo a strict safety inspection.


  • Girls and Boys, ages 5 to 16
  • Compete in divisions by age, weight and motor type. Girls and boys race against one another in 15 different classes.
  • Safety is the club’s number 1 concern. All drivers must have seat belts, racing jackets, gloves, full-face helmets, and neck and arm restraints.
  • Drivers are required to go through a driver’s training program.

 To learn more about their club and see a list of current events, please visit their website: