Fair Park Improvement Projects

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The Evergreen State Fair Park is one of 120 Snohomish County Parks. While the main event at the park is the annual Evergreen State Fair, the Fair Park is so much more than the 11-day event. The park has an equestrian park, a speedway, event center, barns, and many large open spaces for community to come together. The Fair Park is also unique across the larger park system, in that it is primarily supported by revenues from the park, with some extra grants and small amounts of outside construction dollars. 

As we look toward the future, we strive to create a space that allows people to connect with community and is a resource for education and support when needed. This page will act as a resource to communicate past, current, and future park projects.

Evergreen State Fair Park Preferred Plan 

The 2014 Master Plan is being refreshed with an updated Preferred Plan outlining the future of the Evergreen State Fair Park. This process will involve robust community outreach and feedback. More information coming soon!

Evergreen State Fair Park Arena Improvement Project

The Snohomish County Council and the County Executive work together with county departments to identify budget priorities. Improvements to the Evergreen State Fair Park Arena were approved in a priority package for the 2024 Department of Conservation & Natural Resources budget. 

Project Overview 

The budget outlines improvements needed at the Evergreen State Fair Park Indoor Arena to allow ongoing indoor motorsports use. These improvements will improve air quality and address impacts and wear and tear to the facility. Implementation of the identified improvements will allow motorsports activities to continue in the arena and will also benefit the equestrian users as well. 

Identified improvements include: 

  • Installing permanent carbon monoxide monitors at six representative locations in the building  
  • Adding physical separation of the concessionaire booth to reduce exhaust build up in the kitchen and dining areas  
  • Exploring a long-term viable solution to facilitate cleaning of the building and bleachers 
  • Adding plywood sheeting to protect bulkheads 
  • Updating ventilation (scope to be fully determined based upon building evaluation by consultant as well as consideration of the Washington State Clean Buildings Act)  

The $672,000 approved for these improvements will be funded with REET dollars identified to specifically address these needs and will not come from typical fair/revenue-based dollars. This is one-time funding that must go directly to facility improvements and cannot be used for other purposes such as cleaning. 

A timeline for this project work is still being identified, but improvements will begin in 2024. 

Future Operations at the Arena 

Building improvements will allow motorsports to continue using the Evergreen State Fair Park Indoor Arena. Selection of one indoor motorsports operator will be determined through a competitive RFP process. This is a process that is followed when more than one operator is interested in operating indoor motorsports at the arena.

Evergreen State Fair Park Capital Improvements Project 

Snohomish County Evergreen State Fair Park is the most attended recreational facility in the region and provides services to participants and visitors from throughout the western United States. The 193-acre complex includes multiple buildings and almost 400,000 square feet of indoor space and hosts more than 1,000 events and activities annually. To preserve the facilities to meet the needs of our community for years to come, it is important that it is well maintained and improved upon.   

Facility improvements at the Fair Park will address the highest needs based on funds available in the accumulative reserve Fund 180.  

Specific large projects may include:  

  • Covers for bunkers  
  • Capital equipment replacement (loader replacement and water truck tank replacement)    
  • Network and technology upgrades 
  • Internal wayfinding  
  • Barn refresh and repairs 
  • Roof replacements 
  • Continued repairs to grandstand doors 
  • Adding a second adult changing room 

A timeline for this project work is still being identified, but improvements will begin in 2024.