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2022 Evergreen State Fair Vendor Application

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    Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Evergreen State Fair! We are always looking for exhibitors that have new and different products from those we currently present. Whether you're interested in showcasing your business or offering the latest and greatest food item, you must first apply! All applicants must be suitable to the Fair’s primary audience of “Family and Youth”. •Fair reserves the right to choose booth location, display, and set up. •NON-PROFIT SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS – There are no special discounts for non-profit organizations applying to participate all 11-days. Single day Non-Profit Service Organizations – complete the “Non-Profit Information Space Application”.

    NOTICE: Type or Print Clearly – Applications that are not “legible”, received “without supporting documents”, or unsigned will be rejected.     All information on the Application must be complete.  

    APPLICATION CATEGORIES (rates are outlined on application):

    1. Commercial Exhibitors (currently accepting for spaces in the Grandstand Building; waiting list for the Event Center).
    2. Food Concessions (accepting applications for waiting list only)
    3. Applications for Non-Profit Public Service Organizations (1-Day Informational Space – No sales) are available on our website

     Contact the Sponsorship Department for any of the following:

    1. Product sampling opportunities.
    2. On-site for less than 11 days.
    3. If company falls within one of these categories:  Automotive Dealerships, Beverage Corporations, Casinos, Communication/Cable Corporations, Financial Institutions, Hotel Industry, Hot Tubs and Spas Product Corporations, Mobile Tours.

     PRODUCTS NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME OR FOR 2022: The following products are already sufficiently represented at the Fair and are not being given consideration at this time: Gaming or Amusement vendors (example, go-karts, bouncy houses, climbing walls, pitching machines, etc.), Clothing, Jewelry or Jewelry related items, Psychics, Palm or Tarot Card Readers, Temporary Tattoo, Airbrush or Face Painters.  Food: Waiting list only for 2022.

     PRODUCT EXCLUSIVITIES are not granted (exception, Fair may institute a supplier exclusivity).

     COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE is illegal and strictly forbidden, including logos, etc., that may be identical to or substantially indistinguishable from registered trademarks. 

     SHORT NOTICE AVAILABILITY - Be sure to indicate on the application if you would be available on a last-minute short notice basis; cancellations prior to opening day do occur.


    1. Contracts are issued for the 2022 Fair only and do not guarantee participation in future fairs or events.
    2. Space is to be staffed from 10:15 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., all 11 days of the Fair.
    3. Only products listed on the contract may be sold, displayed or advertised.  
    4. Sharing of space; displaying, advertising or selling other company products or services; and apportioning or subletting of space is not allowed. 
    5. Equipment needs are the vendor’s responsibility and expense - Fair does not provide any equipment.
  3. SECTION 1 - Applicant Information
    Complete all information
  4. Include, DBA, LLC and AKA names as well.
  5. Have you ever been a vendor at the Evergreen State Fair?
  6. SECTION 2 - Products
    • PRODUCTS – Fair reserves the right to determine which products do not reflect the Family Values of the Fair, including the right to dictate how displays are set up and when applicable, visual and volume controls. • Fair retains the right to eliminate from consideration any application that does not provide a clear description of products, display or services. • If a contract is issued, only items approved on the contract may be sold or displayed – all items listed on this application may not be approved. Note which products are primary and which are secondary considerations. • Manufacturer, Brand, and/or Product information is required either with the application or a good website address.
  7. Describe what you sell or include a web address that will show us your products. You may attach photos at the bottom.
  8. SECTION 3 - Concession Space Preference

    Check all that apply.

  9. Concession Space Preference*

    Check all that apply.

  10. Indoor Space Options*
  11. Indicate exact size space needed: Frontage X Depth. 10’ x 10’ minimum. Per space: $20 - $40 per frontage foot PLUS $1,500 basic fee. •110v 20amp electrical available to each single space. •REQUIRED - Attach a diagram of booth structure to be set up in outdoor space. •Canopy, trailer, etc. (Include photograph of structure or trailer). •Footage requested should include considerations for awnings, trailer tongue (if item is not removable), and stock/prep room canopies. •Canopies and tents must be fire resistant according to Uniform Fire Code standards. •Fire extinguisher for product type required.

  12. Tell us what you are looking for

  13. Indicate exact size space needed: Frontage x Depth. • Type of sales system utilized? (working from a cash box is not allowed). • 10’ x 10’ minimum. • Per space: $1,500 basic fee plus $200 minimum guarantee towards 20% of gross sales after WSST): •Attach a diagram of booth structure to be set up in outside space. (canopy, trailer, etc.) Footage requested should include footage for awnings, trailer tongue (if item is not removable), stock/prep room canopies. •Include photograph of structure or trailer. •Canopies and tents must be fire resistant according to Uniform Fire Code standards, and cannot cover any grease/oil cooking equipment. •Fire Extinguisher for product or cooking type required. •If accepted, Snohomish County Health District temporary food service permit is required. •REQUIRED – all food/beverage vendors are required to use COMPOSTABLE SERVICE WARE PRODUCTS. •Fountain Beverages / Post-Mix Beverages - BACKFLOW assemblies and annual on-site testing and certifications will be required. Specialty products are given additional consideration - including Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.

  14. Utilities
  15. Tell us what your electrical needs are. •One 110 volt, 20 amp outlet is furnished with most spaces. If your electrical needs are in excess of this, note above. Additional charges or requirements may apply. •Licensee is responsible for providing own electrical equipment (spider boxes, plugs, power cords, strips, etc.) that meet Fair and WA ST Uniform Fire Code requirements – hard-wiring electrical into County’s electrical panels are not allowed. Evergreen State Fair reserves the right to control suppliers admitted to the fairgrounds, which may include granting supplier exclusivities. If contracted, all vendors will be required to honor supplier exclusivities.

  16. SECTION 4 - References
    If you or your company exhibited at any other Fair or similar event, please list:
    Evergreen State Fair reserves the right to control suppliers admitted to the fairgrounds, which may include granting supplier exclusivities. If contracted, all vendors will be required to honor supplier exclusivities.
  18. SECTION 5 - Signature and other information
  19. Please attach any other documents, images or videos you would like to share with us.
  20. By typing your name in this box you agree to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated in the actual agreement should you be hired to perform family entertainment at the Evergreen State Fair. All bookings will be at the discretion of the Evergreen State Fair. By signing this application, you hereby authorize the Evergreen State Fair to secure information concerning any of the above facts from the references listed.
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