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2021 Evergreen Marketplace Application

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  2. Evergreen Marketplace Application

    Thank you for your interest in the annual Snohomish County Evergreen State Fair. The 2021 Fair dates are Thursday, August 26 through Monday, Labor Day, September 6. The deadline to submit an Evergreen Marketplace Booth Application is May 1, 2020. To submit an application, please complete the online application below. Only vendors located in Washington State who are selling original and handmade products will be considered for the Evergreen Marketplace section of the Fair’s overall vendors. “Original and handmade” means created and handcrafted by the vendor themselves or by the vendor’s business. Tools and equipment used to produce the products must require skill, and/or manipulation to create.

  3. SECTION 1 - Application Information

  4. As it appears on your insurance policy

  5. SECTION 2 - Category of Artist Display

    Your act must be family-oriented and appropriate for all ages. Please select all categories that apply to your act.

  6. Genre

  7. Will you be selling or providing free samples of any food or beverage products?

  8. Have you been a vendor at the Evergreen State Fair?

  9. SECTION 4 – Schedule /Availability

    When are you available during the 2021 Evergreen State Fair Aug. 26-Sep. 6?

  10. Booth Dates- Booth spaces are 10x10*

    Please pick all that you would like to attend.

  11. SECTION - 5 Insurance

    IF ACCEPTED: $1,000,000 general liability insurance with Snohomish County listed as ‘additional insured’ plus an “Additional Insured Endorsement Page” will be required. You may provide your own insurance or insurance is available for purchase through the County for $100.

  12. Are you interested in purchasing insurance through the Fairgrounds for an additional $100?

  13. SECTION 6 - Description of Products

    PRODUCTS – Fair reserves the right to determine which products do not reflect the Family Values of the Fair. Fair retains the right to eliminate from consideration any application that does not provide a clear description of products, display or services. If a contract is issued, only items approved on the contract may be sold or displayed – all items listed on this application may not be approved.

  14. SECTION 7 - Other Information

  15. Please share product photos, booth space display, photos of you working or anything else you would like to share with us. We may use these photos for Marketing opportunities.

  16. Please attach any other documents, images or videos you would like to share with us.

  17. Please feel free to supply any additional information you think may help make your group’s performance at the Evergreen State Fair a more successful event.

  18. By typing your name in this box you agree to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated in the actual agreement should you be accepted as a vendor at the Evergreen State Fair. By signing this application, you hereby authorize the Evergreen State Fair to secure information concerning any of the above facts from the references listed.

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