With the exception of Evergreen Speedway and Evergreen Equestrian Park, Snohomish County does not provide food or beverage services for events scheduled at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. 

Events may contract and are liable for bringing in their own caterers, food concessions, food trucks and food vendors; ensuring these services have appropriate temporary food service permits from the Snohomish Health District prior to the event. 

All food services are subject to fire code inspection by the Snohomish County Fire Marshal’s Office.  Potlucks and coffee services that are not served to the public do not require a permit from the Snohomish Health District.  The Fairgrounds is under no obligation to ensure utilities are available to food services, except those utilities that are already in the Event rented area.  Utility and garbage disposal fees may be assessed. 

Alcoholic Beverages are permitted only upon written approval from the Fairgrounds Manager.  If approved, $1,000,000 liquor liability shall be required.

Contact the Fairgrounds for further information.