Indoor Arena (Non-Horse Shows) - Building #100
Occupancy: 2,734 permanent bleacher seating
Footage: 60,000 sq. ft. indoor arena with a 26,000 sq. ft. dirt show ring
Ceiling Height: 25', 50' at peak
Daily rate: 
$2,000.00 per day (Horse shows refer to Equestrian Park rates below).

VIP/clubroom; built-in office, announcers stand above office; two built-in heated ticket booths and large lobby area. Concrete/asphalt floor, (gas heat may be available), fluorescent light, ceiling fans, 3-phase electrical hook-ups. Restrooms in building. Ample parking available.  

Indoor Arena

Commercial Building - Building #400
Occupancy: 909
Footage: 120' x 203'
Ceiling Height: 11', 19' at peak
Daily Rate:
Uses: Commercial & Non-Commercial exhibits, craft shows; swap meets; small animal shows

Approximately 24,000 sq ft exhibit space (structure support posts located throughout building); painted asphalt flooring; gas heat; 110v electrical outlets; fluorescent lighting; attached outside covered breezeway; with restrooms in immediate vicinity of building. 

Commercial Building
VIP Cabin - Building #403
Occupancy: 31
Footage: 32' X 24'
Daily Rate: $250.00
Uses: Meetings

Log cabin with covered porch.  Approximately 768 sq ft, meeting room, kitchen, restroom. Heated, 110v electrical outlets, convenient parking.

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Longhouse - Building #404
Occupancy: 137
Footage: 40' x 60'
Ceiling Height: 8', 14'8" at peak
Daily Rate: $425.00 (does not include Kitchen Facilities)
Kitchen Facilities: $100.00
Uses: Meetings, seminars, banquets/luncheons, parties, small craft shows, weddings, receptions.

Approximately 2,400 sq ft, Unique log construction; 110 volt electrical outlets, concrete flooring, track lighting, electrical heating. Kitchen and restroom in building. Rate includes 6 - 8' tables and 50 folding chairs. 

The Longhouse

Display Hall - Building #500
Occupancy: 756
Footage: 200' x 72'
Ceiling Height: 11', 14'8" at peak inside each section
Daily Rate: $700.00*
Uses: Craft shows, swap meets, floral shows, commercial & con-commercial exhibits

Main entrances on north side of building; painted asphalt floor, gas heat, fluorescent lighting; with restrooms in immediate vicinity of building.

*Two sections available for use; prices per section if rented separately: $450 each. Each section approximately 36' x 200'.


Display Hall
4-H Building - Building #501
Occupancy: 588
Footage: 180' x 84'
Ceiling Height: 11'6", 18'6" at peak.
Daily rates: North, east & west sections: $825.00; East Section only $425.00; West section only with stage $650.00 (does not include Kitchen Facilities)
Kitchen Facilities: $200.00 each (2 available)
Uses: Banquets, Weddings, auctions, swap meets, displays, craft shows, meetings, conferences
Main entrance on north side of building; two adjoining walled sections (each section 42' wide); One section contains indoor stage; one section contains built-in glass display cases. Concrete flooring, gas heating, fluorescent lighting; adjacent restrooms; portable PA system west side only. Use of kitchens is an extra charge. Second floor level not available for use. 

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4H Building
Pavilion - Building #600
Occupancy: 542
Footage: 90' x 150'
Ceiling Height: 16', 32' at peak
Daily Rate: $825.00 per day (non-animal shows); $550.00 per day (animal shows)
Uses: Large and small animal shows; commercial & non-commercial exhibits; craft shows; swap meets, auctions

Approximately 13,500 sq ft exhibit space; clear span facility; 20' x 150' open wing area; 90' x 22' lobby, office, restroom area. Concrete floor, gas heat; fluorescent lighting, restrooms and showers in building; drains; overhead 110 amp electrical suspension hook-ups; suspended water hose; ceiling exhaust fans, covered wash rack (cold water) nearby; clipping area; new/ used shaving bunkers adjacent to building with loading/unloading ramps; ample parking area; easy access to judging area; portable feeders specially adapted to pavilion available, sixty double sided 6' portable mangers/feeders. 

Livestock Pavilion
Gary D. Weikel Event Center - Building #604
Occupancy: 4,700
Footage: 140' x 240'
Daily Rate: $2,250.00
Uses: Trade shows, weddings, banquets, sporting events, training, entertainment events

Clear span building, 33,000 sq ft; includes both 16' doors and 6' man-doors on all sides, restrooms attached. 

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Events Ctr-2011 Fair
Sheep Barn - Building #607
Footage: 87' x 150'
Daily Rate: $250.00
Uses: Sheep, dairy goat, pygmy goat shows, swap meets

Disinfecting charged separately. Approximately 13,050 sq ft; blacktop flooring, water taps, 110v electrical; pens available for a separate charge.

Pygmy Goat Barn - Building #608
Footage: 58' x 140'
Daily rate: $250.00
Pygmy Goat Show Ring ONLY: $150.00
Uses: Pygmy goat, sheep, dairy goat shows, dog shows, swap meets

Disinfecting charged separately. Approximately 13,050 sq ft, blacktop flooring, water taps, 110v electrical; pens available for a separate charge. 

Evergreen Equestrian Park
Daily Rate: $2,000.00 - Indoor Arena - For rodeos, horse related seminars, Expos & auctions - events renting less than 120 stalls.

Horse Shows
  • Renting more than 120 stalls, 2 day minimum
  • Daily rate: $1,200.00 - Arenas Package (all Arenas and lunging areas)
  • Daily rate: $950.00 - Indoor Arena and Outdoor Covered Arena combo
  • Daily rate: $850.00 - Indoor Arena only
  • Stalls: $16.00 per day per unbedded stall (402 stalls available). Shavings Bales available at $6.00 each; $6.25 per yard disposal fee charged on all shavings disposed of. Additional charge for portable stalls and haul-ins.
  • $50.00 per day - Gate Attendant (mandatory)
The Evergreen Equestrian Park is comprised of a 60,000 sq ft indoor arena (with a 26,000 sq ft dirt show ring and 2,734 permanent bleacher seats); one covered outdoor arena (200' x 100'), three uncovered arenas (130' x 220', 128' x 254', 73' x 162'), lunging areas, 402 box stalls in four barns, wash racks, additional areas available for placement of portable stalls, three restroom facilities (two with showers), convenient trailer and RV parking.
Equestrian Park
Other Available Facilities
Prices Negotiated:
  • West Parking Lot, Outdoor Grounds. Uses: Swap meets, flea markets, large and small animal shows, vehicle shows, sales, equipment auctions, concerts. Contact Fair Operations to discuss a quote.
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