Fair Honoree & Centennial Farm

There are so many dedicated individuals who make the Evergreen State Fair amazing. Those who dedicate hours, days, months of their lives every year to make sure, every booth, display, shop, show or activity runs smoothly.  We know many of those people, but so much is done behind the scenes that we do not get a chance to recognize.

2023 Evergreen State Fair Honoree -Rick and Jean Lindsey

picture of Rick and Jean Lindsey fair honoree 2023This year’s Fair Honorees couldn’t go to a more deserving couple because of their passion for fairs, exhibitors, and fairgoers. They have been involved with the Fair since the early 90’s. They started by supporting their 2 Daughters, Misty & Camas, along with all the other club members. After a few years they founded their own club, Blue Chips, and moved into the roles of club leaders. Their involvement grew as they took on positions of Program Leaders and eventually Fair Superintendents.

They have been invaluable in their support for 4-H Youth, Open Class and have volunteered at many other Fairs over the last 33 + years. They have worked at the Club, County, and State Levels in many different capacities for 4-H.  

Jean and Rick have devoted their time to being superintendents and have shared their knowledge and experience with so many people. Being a superintendent requires one to be knowledgeable and committed to their field and many spend their whole careers being experts in one department. What makes the Lindsey’s so amazing is that they have been coordinators, assistants, clerks, judges, and superintendent for several different departments.  They never shy away from the task and bring organization, communication, and humor to the table to overcome challenges and make real improvements for the fair community.  

Their involvement is not only limited to the 11-day fair.  They have put in many hours volunteering for the Evergreen Fair Foundation and Evergreen Youth Livestock Show and Sale, as well as others.  

They have worked to make The Evergreen State Fair a great experience for exhibitors and Fairgoers alike. They continue to have an impact on so many people in a positive, supportive, and loving manner. 

Rick and Jean Lindsey will be honored at the 2023 Evergreen State Fair Opening Ceremony at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 24, 2023, on the Courtyard Stage #514.   They will cut the ribbon to open the Fair. Rick and Jean will also ride in the Monroe Fair Days Parade on August 26 in downtown Monroe. Congratulations Rick and Jean!! 


Past Fair Honorees

Year Name Year Name
2021 & 2022 Kathy Van Buskirk    
2019 Don Ballard 1999 Ellen Dodge
2018 Elaine Wilson 1998 Frank Cotterill
2017 Laura Elhai 1997 Audrey Bannon
2016 Linda Cline 1996 Gene Elledge
2015 Ed & Vicki Miller 1995 Beryl Epling
2014 Pamela Phelps 1994 Jan Coffelt
2013 Janice Bond 1993 Elmer & Dee Anderson
2012 Bob & Nancy Kash 1992 Ellene Kearney
2011 Kathleen Wright 1991 Don & Ella Walker
2010 Sharon Olsen 1990 Don Britton
2009 Stan and Nancy Depner 1989 Don & Elma Steffen
2008 Doug Moening &
Stephanie Hagarty-Moening
1988 Ned Carrick
2007 Tom & Ann Muchoney 1987 John Millard
2006 Marilyn Stout 1986 Tom & Pat Kennedy & 3 sons
2005 Andy Delegans 1985 John & Winnie Klein
2004 Dave Leatherman 1984 Ted Britten
2003 Robert Drewel 1983 Ted Larson
2002 Hank & Lena Mae Getchman 1982 None
2001 Bert Spada 1981 None
2000 Shirley Johnson 1980 N. Richard K “Dick” Forsgren

Centennial Family Farm

Since the year 2000, we have honored 39 county farms that have remained in continuous production under the same family ownership for 100 years or more in Snohomish County. 

2022 Centennial Family Farm • The Ellingsen Family from Stanwood

In 1897 John Ellingsen immigrated to the United States from Norway with his mother. John married Iowa-born Ingeborg Berge, the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. Ingeborg gave birth to their son Clarence “Bubba” Ellingsen. In 1909 John purchased 120 acres near the mouth of the Stillaguamish River for $20,000. Jon began cultivating oats and dairying. He ran a herd of 60 Holstein dairy cows and used oats grown on the farm for feed and sold the surplus oats by shipping them to Seattle by paddleboat.

The farm saw many changes during the early years as modern technology and new developments in the agricultural field came about. The Ellingsen’s were the first in the area to have an automobile and they purchased first farm tractor in 1937. The farm also started cultivating peas in the 1930s, selling the peas to the local cannery and using the pea vines for silage for the dairy cows.

As new generations of Ellingsen’s joined the farm the dairy moved from hand milking in the flat barn to 1958, Clarence, Clyde and Harold upgrading the dairy operation after attending a seminar and being impressed by Boumatic machinery and technology for automated milking. Clarence “Bubba” Ellingsen lived to age of 103 years before passing away in 2000. Clarence saw a tremendous amount of change in farming and agriculture take place in a century from horses to tractors to automatic milking machines.

Over the years the farm continues to expand as a dairy. In 1990 Jeff Ellingsen was the next generation to take over the farm. The vast fields near the mouth of the Stillaguamish river continue to produce a variety of crops including potatoes, green peas, vegetable seed crops, corn and forage for silage.

2019 Centennial Family Farm