Fair Honoree


Laura Elhai is the 2017 Evergreen State Fair Honoree!

Laura has been involved with the Fair as a contestant, coordinator, and judge since the early 90’s. She has entered every department in the Display Hall, besides Grange, and has exhibited in Open Class Sheep. Laura has contributed significant personal time and energy toward the improvement and betterment of our Fair and currently is the American Heritage Superintendent.

As a longtime judge in several departments, Laura has helped form the next generation of exhibitors in safe techniques and current standards. Anytime she takes on the mantle of judge, her only concerns are for a fair evaluation of the item, the opportunity to educate and to encourage all contestants. Being a superintendent is not easy. One must be knowledgeable in and committed to the field. Laura excels in this role because of her organization, communication, enthusiasm and humor which are recognized by others.

Her involvement is not limited to the 12 day Fair. She has provided gift baskets for the annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser and the Kick Off Dinner.  She has assisted with preparation for and presentations at judges training, “How to Enter and Win” seminars and Super Schools.  She has also volunteered her time as a judge at other fairs, including the San Juan County Fair and the Washington State Fair.

The title of Fair Honoree could go to no better than Laura Elhai, because of her passion for the ideals of the fair: education and tradition