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2018 Fair Honoree, Elaine Wilson

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Each year, The Evergreen State Fair honors an individual or family who has contributed significant personal time and energy toward the improvement and betterment of the annual fair. This year, the Evergreen State Fair recognizes and celebrates the dedication of Elaine Wilson, retired Open Class Wool Superintendent.

Elaine’s involvement with the Fair began when she was a young girl participating in 4H showing animals and eating at the Star Grill. What began as a family project to raise dairy goats and sheep quickly grew into four decades of a family business raising sheep, goats, alpacas and more.

As the Open Class Wool Superintendent, Elaine always made it her mission to make her department as educational and interactive as possible. She was known for having great touch and feel displays along with informational handouts so fairgoers could have a better experience and learn about the wool industry. Perhaps one of her best qualities was her compassionate smile and ability to interact with guests who had questions no matter the time of day. Largely because of her passion, Elaine’s husband, kids and even grandkids all show and participate in the Fair each year.

Even though Elaine has retired from her official duties as Superintendent, she still devotes her time each year to demonstrating and educating other people to see it flourish. It’s evident that the continued growth of the department is because of the commitment and care that Elaine shed on it for 20 years and for that reason, the Evergreen State Fair would like to recognize her as the 2018 Fair Honoree.

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