Refund Policy

Fair-time Tickets

  • No refunds for any reason on tickets for events during the 12-Day Fair, August 22 - September 2, 2019. This includes rodeos, gate admission, concerts, carnival wristbands, parking, speedway events & more.

Fair-time RV and Tent Reservations and Season / Half Season Parking

  • No Refunds on cancellations after August 1, a $10 Service fee assessed on earlier cancellations.
  • Only one (1) RV or live-in trailer is allowed per space - so sideways parking (per fire code)
  • Equestrian Park (RV1) width limitation is eleven (11') feet. If RV width exceeds 11 feet, a second space must be purchased.
  • There is enough room next to an RV for a personal commuter vehicle or small supply trailer. Everything has to fit within the assigned RV space (no parking allowed in roadways).
  • RV, trailer and vehicles must be in sound condition with no fluids draining on the ground.
  • Septic dump station is located near the RV lot at no cost with paid RV space; or septic pumping services are available for a fee.
  • Check-in for season RV is 8am, day before Fair opens. Check out for Season RV is 6pm on day after Fair ends. Half-season/session RV check-out is 5pm/check-in 6pm.

Off-Season RV Reservations

  • Cancellation requests must be received by Snohomish County Parks Administration Office 14 or more days from check-in date to receive a refund.
  • Reschedules require cancellation of existing reservation
  • Visitors without reservations will be on a first-come, first served basis with payments made to the RV Host
  • Check-in/Check-out time: Noon
  • 7-Night maximum stay (per month)
  • No free or discount camping

Etix is the only Official Online Ticket Seller for The Evergreen State Fair.

Notice To Secondary Ticket Buyers
As the summer event season approaches, The Evergreen State Fairgrounds wants to remind our customers of the importance of purchasing event tickets from authorized sources:

  • If you purchase tickets from secondary ticket vendors, often called “resellers,” you may pay substantially more than if the you had purchased directly from the Fair or the Fair’s authorized ticketing source,
  • The Fair does not guarantee the tickets purchased from unauthorized ticket resellers. This means that if a ticket is counterfeit or has been resold multiple times, you may end up with a duplicated ticket barcode that has already been validated, thus invalidating the ticket for you.
  • The Fair does not honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. Your confirmation receipt is a valuable tool, so retain your electronic and in-person purchase receipts until the event has taken place.

All information subject to change without notice.