Our Fair Honoree

Pam Phelps chosen 2014 Fair HonoreePam Phelps, 2014 Fair Honoree

Each year, the Evergreen State Fair honors an individual or family who has contributed significant personal time and energy toward the improvement and betterment of the annual fair. Their efforts can be focused in a specific area of exhibition or toward the overall function of the Fair. The fair honoree is recognized for his/her work and accomplishments at the opening day ceremony for the Evergreen State Fair. 


Unanimously voted by the Fair Advisory Board and announced at the fair kick-off dinner on March 11, Pam Phelps was honored as the 2014 Fair Honoree. Pam began volunteering with Snohomish County 4-H when her children were young. They grew up, and Pam is still involved – 43 years later!


This year’s Fair Honoree, Pam Phelps, has been involved in many different aspects of the fair for the past 43 plus years.  Pam began volunteering with Snohomish County 4-H when her children were young. They grew up, and Pam is still involved!  Always focusing on education, Pam led groups on field trips to Mt. St Helens, the blooming desert of eastern Washington, the Ellensberg Elk Feeding Station, to Sucia Island and Ocean Shores to study marine sciences first hand, many camping trips, river raft rides and canoe trips, boating safety, salmon tours and wildlife identification.


Pam began by assisting in the Cats Program at the fair and expanded to assistant superintendent of the Natural Sciences Department and then superintendent. She also coordinates setup of the Snohomish County Fair display and organizes the Junior Loggers competition. She attends the Evergreen State Fair Advisory Board meetings as a representative of the County’s 4-H Council, reporting those proceedings back to the 4-H Council. 


Superintendent Coordinator Sherry Stovner says, “I very much appreciate the many hours of extra help Pam does for me to get ready for each year’s fair. She is always available to help and with a smile, lending a hand, cleaning, organizing supplies, packing ribbons, or doing whatever is needed.” Outside the fair, Pam’s community service continues, volunteering many hours with the Grange and her church, popping many bags of popcorn for movies, carnival days and special events.