Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rental Fees

Equipment rentals cover the entire run on an event unless otherwise noted. Set-up time is charged separately based on labor per man hour rates. Licensee will be assessed a replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.
Tables: folding, wood or plastic top (30"W X 96"L x 29"H) $10.00 each
Tables: Picnic, wood with attached benches $10.00 each
Chairs: folding, metal, or plastic $1.00 each
Benches: wood, with or without backs $5.00 each
Portable Stages $40.00 each
Portable Bleachers: 50 person capacity $100.00 each
Portable Bleachers: 125 person capacity $150.00 each
Clean Baled Shavings & Disposal fee $9.50 each bale 

Telephone Line Service

Snohomish County handles ALL telephone line service orders on the Fairgrounds.
Outgoing Service only(Local and credit card 1-800 calls only)$130 per line
Outgoing & Incoming Services(Long distance charges will be billed separately)$150 per line
Late Order Fees(Orders placed less than 14 day prior to event)$ 50 per line

Labor - Large Equipment Operator 

Large Equipment Operator(based on 15-minute increments)$100 per man-hour
Labor Charges(based on 15-minute increments)$50 per man-hour
(Licensee responsible for cost of event preparation equipment Fairgrounds is required to rent) 

RV Hookups

RV Hookups:w/electrical, septic and water - EQ RV 5 only$30 per space per day
RV Hookups: w/electrical in RV Lots 2, 3, & 4 (Water seasonal, not available November-March)$25 per space per day
Dump Fees (for those not staying in our RV space) ,septic dump stations located in RV 1 & RV 2 $6  per dump
RV No Hookups:(dry camping, no utilities)$20 per space per day
Number of spaces available:
87 spaces in Equestrian RV 1 Lot (7-day stay maximum)
20 spaces in East RV 2 Lot (7-day stay maximum)
36 spaces in East RV 3 Lot (7-day stay maximum)
23 spaces in West RV 4 Lot (7-day stay maximum)
12 spaces with septic in RV 5 (near Equestrian Park; 7-day stay maximum)
*no water available November - March
    - Dump stations located by RV 1 & RV 2.
    - Limited tent camping; Open flames and campfires are not allowed at anytime.

Tent Camping

(Upon approval from Fairgrounds only - no open flames)$25 per space per day


Public Event(At NON-FAIR events where paid parking is charged-per vehicle)$5-$10 per day
Auto Race(At NON-FAIR races; Saturdays & Major Races - inside parking lot per vehicle)$5-$10 per day
Motorcycle Parking(At NON-FAIR events where paid parking is charged-per vehicle)$2 per day