Don't be shy - enter a contest!

Fair-time is a great time to try something new and fun.  Contests are geared for all ages and skill levels. Some are individual competitions, some are for parent (or grandparent) and child (even grown children are welcome).  For the latest contest schedule, click here.


Most of our contests are free to enter and range from pie eating  to  "TXT MSG" contests.  Look at some of the prior years' contest photos, then picture yourself having this much fun!


The Food Contests are judged on taste and other criteria (hey, you could even volunteer to be a judge...think about it), and a small entry fee is attached. You must sign up to participate in the Food Contests -- click on the link below to get more information. Our other contests are free to enter.  


For more information on Open Class Food Contests click here.  For more information on other contests, see Contest Schedules page.



Gallery: Contests
Bubble Gum Blowing

Grown ups can have fun too.
Bubble Gum Blowing

Kid's have a lot of experience
Diaper Derby

Go babies, Go!
Egg Toss

Fun for ALL ages
Evergreen State Fair Sing Off

Win a $1,000 & sing at a concert!

Frisbee Throwing

Test your hand & eye coordination
Pie Eating Contest

Eat your way to a prize
Pie Eating Contest

Adults can dig in too.
Quarter in Haystack

4-10 yr olds can find their Fair money.
OC Food Contest

Apple Pie
OC Food Contest

OC Food Contest

OC Food Contest

Chocolate Goodies
OC Food Contest

Cookie Barn
OC Food Contest

Raspberry Jams
OC Food Contest

OC Food Contest

Tea Party


All information subject to change without notice.