Fair Honoree

Linda Cline, 2016 Fair Honoree

Linda Cline has been named The Evergreen State Fair's 2016 Fair Honoree. The Evergreen State Fair honors an individual or family each year who has contributed significant personal time and energy towards the improvement of the annual fair. Their efforts can be focused in a specific area of exhibition or toward the overall function of the Fair. The fair honoree is recognized for his/her work and accomplishments at the opening day ceremony for The Evergreen State Fair.  “On behalf of Snohomish County, we thank Linda for her long-term commitment to making the Evergreen Fair such a great event every year. It is volunteers like Linda who make our community an attractive place to live, work, and recreate. We are better for her efforts,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers.

This year’s fair honoree, Linda Cline, volunteered for many years in the floriculture department, eventually becoming the Superintendent. As an accomplished Master Gardener, she is not only knowledgeable about the department she oversees but also volunteers to help in other departments. Wherever she travels, she takes classes and volunteers to lead classes. She uses those experiences and the knowledge that she’s learned along the way to better her department with new and interesting ideas which keeps the department fresh and innovative.

Linda and her husband, Jim, are very giving of their time to those who need help. They volunteer not only for the fair, but also for other community events in the off-season. Linda has "knocked audiences dead" with the many characters she’s played at the Evergreen Murder Mysteries and gives of her time and cooking skills for special occasions at the fairgrounds and community events. Staff and volunteers always look forward to her great Dutch oven cooked meals benefiting the food bank.

Linda is retired, but for those that are retired you know what that means—busier than when she was working. Linda and Jim’s personal signature can be summed up with the smell of roses and great Dutch oven cooking.  

Be sure to visit Linda amid the Floriculture Department’s beautiful flowers in the Display Hall during this year’s fair.